why banks really suck... and other stupid shit

1. because
2. they're not open past noon on saterday
3. they're not open at all on sundays
4. they suck

yeah i need to pay rent. i want to get my fuckin boots. i want to get a corset. i also wanted to get a mic and amp but im not gonna have enough because of rent. damn. oh well i could always sell julia to the slave trade or cut her up and sell her on the black market. whatever will bring more money in. in other news. julia ripped my fuckin neckring out a little and that hurt liek a bitch. i lost my eye brow ring and that sucks real bad. sometimes befowe i eat sumping i dwink sumping. youwe pwobaby white i dwove.

everyone grab your box o tissues, its time for your favorite soap opera, life a la jewel

rUdEr tHaN yEw: fuck i dont even wanna go if tristan and shane are gonna be there fucking tag team shit talking on me
tony: ill step in ill just be like shut the fuck up, quit the drama, and have a good time, lifes to fucking short
rUdEr tHaN yEw: fuckit i dont even want any confrentation its just gonne be one big drama all because of the big bad jewel blah blah
tony: oh no
rUdEr tHaN yEw: oh yes!
tony: because when drama starts tony gets pissed
rUdEr tHaN yEw: hahaha
tony: i dont get pissed, i get fucking livid and i will start chewing every fucking person out
rUdEr tHaN yEw: id like to see you that way anyhow
rUdEr tHaN yEw: and sorry for the dely im getting hated on woohoo
rUdEr tHaN yEw: god i need a drink
tony: i need a cigarette, and dan tells me to go have one, so im going to have one
rUdEr tHaN yEw: i dont care
tony: *runs off crying*
tony: ok im back
rUdEr tHaN yEw: okay
tony: so whats up with you?
rUdEr tHaN yEw: i dont know
rUdEr tHaN yEw: lots of things are just going on in my head
tony: wanna talk about it?
rUdEr tHaN yEw: yeah but not on the stupid internet or stupid phone
tony: alright, well you want to talk about it on friday?
rUdEr tHaN yEw: why yes in fact i do
tony: alright
rUdEr tHaN yEw: oh man oh man
tony: what?
rUdEr tHaN yEw: just stuupid shiiit
tony: you alright?
rUdEr tHaN yEw: ugh no
tony: im sorry
rUdEr tHaN yEw: its okay
rUdEr tHaN yEw: well its not really but i can put on my happy face and tough it out this aint shit
tony: ok...well thats not always good to do, but suit yourself
rUdEr tHaN yEw: haha i can cope its okay im not this horrible emo kid crying about depression or anything
tony: alright, didnt say you needed to cry or anything
rUdEr tHaN yEw: why are people so fucking dramatic? they cant take a straight yes or no answer and they have to twist it to try and make you sympathsize
tony: because people are assholes who like to manipulate one another
tony: i wish i knew what was going on
rUdEr tHaN yEw: just like 5 people twisting my fucking wrists
tony: why though?
rUdEr tHaN yEw: god i dont know i guess im just a great hate target
rUdEr tHaN yEw: i want to tell you everything
tony: i dont hate you
rUdEr tHaN yEw: i want to tell you like every fuicking detail thats going through my head, but its like my mind is going too fast to stop and tell you everything
tony: its alright, you can tell me when you settle down
rUdEr tHaN yEw: haha heres the most pathetic hate comment of the night: "ur fucking stupid u can be pissed for now reason cuz ur an irvine spec kid now huh"
tony: HAHAHAHAHA, what a douche bag
tony: who said that?
rUdEr tHaN yEw: i dont even wanna say
rUdEr tHaN yEw: oh my fucking god
tony: i want to see the stupid comments
rUdEr tHaN yEw: oh. my. fucking. god.
rUdEr tHaN yEw: people are so. FUCKING. stupid
tony: what are they saying now?
rUdEr tHaN yEw: promise u wont im them or any shit i really dont need them going "oh jewel yeah go sho our convo to ur friends to stick up 4 u"
tony: i promise
rUdEr tHaN yEw:

mason: i fuckin hate u jewel ur such a bitch u could have told me earlier in our friendship that it ment nothing to u and it was empty ur fucked up
rUdEr tHaN yEw: well it didnt until i realized that i was being blind and i was just putting up with ur shit because i liked u ok, ur the fucked up one mason
mason: wat i wanna be friends
rUdEr tHaN yEw: i cant take ur fucking racism or your fucking drama, your just leading me on the whole fucking time
mason: i dont know why ur so fuckin angry
rUdEr tHaN yEw: why would u miss me anyway youd rather go drink
mason: omg jewel thats wat u think
rUdEr tHaN yEw: yeah its what i think its what i know its what i live okay
mason: ur confused then cause that isnt true
rUdEr tHaN yEw: yep i guess i am just a very fucked up and confused person
mason: so u seriously dont wanna be friends
rUdEr tHaN yEw: seriously i do not want to be friends
mason: i enjoyed ur company while i had it im sorry i fucked it up...
mason: i dont know wat happend to u but u sure have been a fuckin bitch lately.......im sorry that u r such a miserable person....u need to look around and realize that ur hurting our feelings...but i guess u dont care cause ur a cold hearted spectrum trend whore..........
mason: u know wat we dont need ur shitty friendship
mason: go give it to all the nar nar kids at spectrum
rUdEr tHaN yEw: then stop fucking bugging me! u cant take a fucking straight answer!!!!! you ask and i told u and now you got it so leave me alone. your the ONLY one who keeps egging me on like im going to brake down and cry for forgiveness or some shit
mason: fuck u
rUdEr tHaN yEw: thats right, fuck me, im a stupid cunt so leave me the fuck alone
mason: u r the biggest bitch ever jewel i cant belive i wasted time hanging out with u to get ur crap friendship
mason: yea thats right fuck off u stupid cunt
mason signed off at 11:19:25 PM.

rUdEr tHaN yEw:

shane: jewel whats wrong
shane: r we not friends anymore
shane: ?
rUdEr tHaN yEw: can you not take a fucking clue
shane: whats that supposed to mean
rUdEr tHaN yEw: its supposed to mean friewnds dont stab friends in the back. you did. you fucked it up. join the rest of the pile. leave me alone.
shane: what did i do
shane: huh
shane: guess what
shane: dont care
shane: ur fucking stupid
shane: u can be pissed for no reason
shane: cuz ur an irvine spec kid now huh
shane: mason didnt do anything either
shane: haila forgave him or sumthin
shane: but then u dont
rUdEr tHaN yEw: dude
shane: but u go to punk shows were half the ppl are skins
shane: ooooooo o o
shane: anti rascisn
rUdEr tHaN yEw: she didnt fucking forgive him she just said she did so he would get off her fukkin back
shane: i got my tat by a fucking skinhead
shane: whatever dude
shane: i dont fucking care
shane: ur a bad friend
shane: u fucking dump friends and get new ones every fuckin month
shane: look whos talking
shane: fuck u
shane: fuck off
shane: SLUT
shane: hahahahahaha
shane signed off at 11:22:53 PM.

rUdEr tHaN yEw: the end. i deleated all the others
tony: wow craziness
rUdEr tHaN yEw: yahhhhh
tony: they all said alot of shit about being a spectrum kid
rUdEr tHaN yEw: yeah whatever shane fucking hangs out there too, he just ran out of shit to say to me, and when he couldnt call me a hypocrite he called me an irvine kid when he couldnt call me that he called me a slut
rUdEr tHaN yEw: boy i am just a fucking horrible person
tony: naw, your just honest with people, most people cant handle honesty
rUdEr tHaN yEw: jesus! seriosuly
tony: wow isnt it awesome when all your friends just turn on you?
tony: they just want to see you crack thats all
tony: you seem to be this hardcore chick, and they just want to make you crack
rUdEr tHaN yEw: i dont give a shiiiit
tony: interesting

jimmy: why you being a bitch to Mason
rUdEr tHaN yEw: dude
jimmy: huh
rUdEr tHaN yEw: jimmy im glad you just put yourself in the fucking drama, it seems everyone wants to be the fucking hero and hate on me because i have some fucking differences
jimmy: i just heard you were bein a bitch, so what happened?
rUdEr tHaN yEw: nothing of ur concern
jimmy: eh, fine
rUdEr tHaN yEw: jimmy you dont even wanna hear it unless u wanna start hating me too
jimmy: lol, i still wana hear, so come on...its early and im intersted

(this is where i sent jimmy the mason convo)

jimmy: ooo this is gonna be fun
rUdEr tHaN yEw: there you go be amused please dont give me any shit regardless of how wrong you think i am
jimmy: pfft i dun care, its what you did to them not us
rUdEr tHaN yEw: but i didnt DO anything?!!!!
jimmy: wait...so what do they think you did
rUdEr tHaN yEw: hell if i know!!!!!!
jimmy: eh that sucks, cuz he doesnt know either
rUdEr tHaN yEw: im just sick of mason leading me on and ditching me when he sayes hes coming down, and im sick of him fucking calling haila a nigger and im sick of all the stupid shit you know? and im pist at shane because he fucking told tristan all this shit about me
jimmy: like what?
rUdEr tHaN yEw: like i dont even wanna go into it i dont wanna get worked up
jimmy: ok, one thing tho is it true you fucked a bum for alcohol?
rUdEr tHaN yEw: goddamnitt
jimmy: lol, thats what Andy told Sean, then Sean told me cuz i made fun of his prepubesent GF
rUdEr tHaN yEw: i am getting so sick of those ASSHOLES, i am so dsick of this stupid fucking shit, its like yeah go ahead and base me on what you might have heard its okay
jimmy: yep, thats why i left Dana Point and everyone in it, im sick of it and everyone there, I had a life there...and then i left, now the spectrum is my home, and the people there are better
rUdEr tHaN yEw: yeah see even when i left they still have to talk meaningless shit because of... what? a fucking girlfriend of sean's that has NOTHING AT ALL to do with me... so to avoid his embarassment he brings up some stupid shit about me? now hat the fucks that about?
jimmy: Dana Point is all fucking shit lies, talking shit....and cops....fucking cops
rUdEr tHaN yEw: and what the fuck. shane is just bringing his stupid dana point drama to the spectrum and telling tristan all this shit
jimmy: I knew i was done with Dana Point when i got expelled
rUdEr tHaN yEw: god its like a disease the fucking hivdrama!
jimmy: yea i know...Tristian is the only EMO one out of all of us, and hes been really happy...till yu guys started comming and i left...christ i need to get back to my kingdom, trust me, it sounds really gay, but when im at the spect, everything is better
jimmy: anyway, are you ok?
rUdEr tHaN yEw: uh yeah im just wiggin out
jimmy: Eh your just goin though a tight one, Your kids will listn, nvermind...Bliskering Bop
rUdEr tHaN yEw: im just going through an extremely angry night and the hommicide button is like rigth there and im about to fuckin pound on it
rUdEr tHaN yEw: blitzkrieg bop you mean?
jimmy: ...yea thats what i mean
jimmy: oh and if you wana kill yourself...eh nothin i can say thats your own decision
rUdEr tHaN yEw: fuuuu huuuck that
rUdEr tHaN yEw: its HOMICIDE not SUICIDE
jimmy: hahahahaahahhaha ohhhhhhhhhh
rUdEr tHaN yEw: id rather kill stupid people then end my great life when i could bring more horrible drama to other cities!!:-)
jimmy: :-D i knew you were smart, causing Drama is much more fun then dealing with it
rUdEr tHaN yEw: thanks jimmy u make me feel way better
jimmy: shit its what im here for
rUdEr tHaN yEw: good
jimmy: so now we do this....
jimmy: the fun part about dealing with peoples shit
rUdEr tHaN yEw: is?
jimmy: Revenge
rUdEr tHaN yEw: wooo!
jimmy: Even tho ive known them for years i wont forget how they were in the past... you know one time in 7th grade Andy told us on the bus that his mom was hot....lol
rUdEr tHaN yEw: hahahahaha
jimmy: Sean's GF Mikila fucked with my friends head befre they started to go out, so i had her fall in love with me then i broke her heart, now shes with Sean, that one came back to bite me in the ass
rUdEr tHaN yEw: jeez jimmy the hymen and the heart braker !!!
jimmy: hymen?
rUdEr tHaN yEw: the thing that brakes when u loose ur virginity
rUdEr tHaN yEw: the "cherry" that "popps"
jimmy: Thats why Im The Pirate King, i pillage the hearts of young girls, then walk them off the plank like theyre nothing
rUdEr tHaN yEw: ohhh that is soooo hott hahaha
jimmy: is it really?
rUdEr tHaN yEw: youll never know if you keep sending them off the plank
jimmy: whats that supposed to mean....im slow
rUdEr tHaN yEw: girls like guys like you allot because your so fucking hard to get
jimmy: im hard to get?
rUdEr tHaN yEw: and then you fuck them theyre like "o wow i am sooo special he liiikes me" but in reality your just friends fucking, and after you stop fucking shes like "oh god life is over because he doesnt like me oh my god he used me la la la wah ill kill myself what will i ever do!?"
jimmy: you know what i think you hit that one right on the fucking button
jimmy: good, because thats all anyone will get
rUdEr tHaN yEw: ahha i know


tony told me theres an 80% chance hes moving to st. louis or some shit. his dad got a job offer he cant put down. then what the other 20%?

then like an hour later my dad told me we might have to move to arizona, loake havasue. wants a new job there.

man all that tony drama for nuttin?! hahahah. boy do i EVER suck. all of you who read this, PLEASE harass julia to upload more comics! i know you guys love them and we have so many but she fucking wont upload them onto the site. please harass her. do it for me. do it for you. do it for fun! do it for the comics! (cheesy american music here) do it for your... country! muahaha *puke*


sorry i am so lazy and dont update. the truth of it is that the more i actually put time in to think or write about my life, the more scared and aware i become. my life is going nowhere fast. i am so fucked. man oh man. and i have bad boy drama. i hate boys! i only loves my little julia. man i love bronski beat. they are the heezy fo rizzle. do you ever hear a song, and i mean you could not to relate to it in ANY way, but it just makes you fucking feel so good and so pure. you just want to cry, so you do? your body feels like it is the music. nothing matters. i cherish those songs. i wish i was a song. im sick of being me. i want to be something someone will cry to, i want someone to feel like the vibe that is me, i want people to live something they arent, that is me. but alas that cannot be, seeing as i am a fucking failure as of now.