March 29th, 2006


well then i havent written in this thing because obviously i died for a while but now im back and suffering in life as usual! well i still work at the smoke shop... uhhh... i dunno theres too much thats been going on... uhh... i love my boyfriend he is the best thing ever! hes asian?! joolz mom's cat died HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA thats funny id put him in the freezer and wait for a guy to come over and ask if he could have some ice to rub on his nipples because its ohsohott in my living room and he'd go for it and find poor matsey in the ice box and id stab him because hed call me a freak... uhh... well i got more peircings? and tattoos? oohgahh... im fat and short and ugly YAYYY! well then i suppose its time to sighn off so i can check back later and see that you guys care as much about this thing as me! witch is about as much as... nothing... oh yeah eryn demented got cancelled because of stupid gay face punkers.
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