HORROR BUISNESS (jeweltheripper) wrote,

yeah sometimes in the rain on christmas

yeah so my sister pissed me off today so i kept calling her "christmas wrecker" till she almost cried witch made my holiday like 100 times better. julia came over after all the craziness of opening gifts. we hung out here then went to my moms then came back and watched half the first season of aquateen hunger force. then she got sick and went home so now i am just fucking around with some shit. julia soooo got me the le tigre cd and i loved her with my entire manhood for it. we just sat around drinking for a while i guess. my sister got me the coolest gift of my life. that handy stitch mini sewer. its god. eryn got me a pwitty journal and a cool book and a painting i asked for yay me. la la la. britney spears is on SNL and i kind of want to barf.


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