HORROR BUISNESS (jeweltheripper) wrote,


one day me haila julia and kristina went to the kalidascope and took many pitchaz and then went and saw elf and that was kina funny.

wednesday was haila's b day and we ate sushi and hung out with josh and julia then brian riggs and we jammed in teh studio then went to krickorean and ate food and stupid shit at the store then me and haila saw love actually witch was pretty cool.

thursday was thanksgiving and it was fuckin boring and i had to put my hawk under a bandana.

friday me haila staci and eryn went to corona to pay eryn's ticket but the courthouse was closed so we went to some thrift store and i got a black skirt and a black dickies dress and haila got a black skirt. then we went to electric chair in costa mesa and i got my boots and it came out to be like 180$. black steel toed gripfast 14 holed boots WITH toe seam. yay me. then we went to the mission viejo mall and it took forever to get a fucking parking spot and i got a corset at victorias secret for fuckin 80$ but its uber hott. then me and haila went and got vodka for everybody then she gave this guy 10 bucks ot drive us to the spec. me haila victoria and dax were drunk as hell, armine shane and devin were buzzed and devin was stoned. so we all had way fun. i also met kyle and kevin that night and i was like yay.

saterday me haila and sumako went to the spectrum and kyle kevin jimmy devin jesska christine these two crazy chicks these two dudes and dax and a few other people were there. vic had a hang over so her and armiene didnt go or so i was told. so anyhow we all drank the usual vodka and i smoked pot with some chicks and devin. dax left early. i was uber fucked up. yeah... crazy shit.

today i did a bunch of laundry at my moms house. i found my undeez and my 80's sweater SCORE! i also filled my nailas and ate del. hailas fatass made it over... we hung out and fucked with my sister witch was fun. my mom was very fucking drunk. that was funny as hell. she busted us smoking ciggs witch was comical. she knows i smoked out with ym dad. creeee peeee. i just need speakers for my stupid record player now yay me. haila gave me this cool book called salad days about this punker kid its pretty badass. my sister is fucking pshycotc. books are god. so is brian eno. i thought julia died the other day but it was just a false alarm.


i wish i had nightmares. its a nice day for a ressurection.


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